Sweet, Sweet Minstrels

My brother plays on the piano. The sweet improvised melody is both calming and elusive. I wonder what he means when he plays those chords. Does the tune define the artist? Or is my brother defining the meaning of his song? I wonder. I sip my tea and close my eyes. I listen. The sounds of the piano are wondrous, taking me to a new place and different world. The day is closing but my brother’s music gives me another beginning. The fabric of time and space seem to slow and melt as the tune is played. The world created is light and free. Colors of sunrise fill the space. I am floating on the clouds while I am listening. My mind explores this new world unknown. I do not sense any rush to find or seek but rather I move with the melody of the song. My soul turns and glides, I hear the hurt and the love the journey my brother has been on. And I am captured by the chords, my own emotions reflecting the tune.

My eyes slowly open. The reality of the space around me gently nudges my senses. My brother still sits at the piano. He still plays his song. Only a minute has passed and I feel inspired to live thousands more. The song reached me at my core. It drove me to be something greater than I was a moment before. The song changed me. The artist changed me. I do not want to relegate myself to the mundane. No longer. I will become the song that changed space and time to bring life to world around.

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