When the world opens
To the sunrise
I remember my dreams
And I smile
For all those adventures
Are selfishly mine
and I forget that they are not my reality
Those dreams of mine


It makes me happy
To see my views rise
To see the likes blow through the skies
I am satisfied
With every comment of praise
It keeps my ego in the clouds for days
My center is filled
With a shallow core
Where vanity and pride never snore

Questions for my Diary

Can I write in my diary, the small loves I have had and how I cried for them all? Will recording my thoughts and beats of my heart console me too long to love no more? Dear diary, I wish you had ears to hear the songs I sing to remember those loves. Songs that give way to tears and sometimes laughs. Can I write down those feelings that grip my body to the core? Will they translate onto the page?

I must do so even with all my questions, nothing else will quiet my mind.


First it is still, then it flies
All the way round on the merry-go-round
A slight jolt of fear, followed by endless glee
All the way round on the merry-go-round
My steed is dark with fine eyes and a fine mane
All the way round on the merry-go-round
Fun never stops and only increases
Let this traveler live forever a child
All the way round on the merry-go-round