float away through

the noticed spooks of

the seasons cheer

Happy Halloween



I fade into the background as I try and win over your countenance. It is a glance and nothing more. I realized that I dreamed about you. But why? Is my only motive physical? There I stood, going along my day, hoping to catch maybe just a smile. I heard that you called someone else wonderful and my heart sank. The background became my foreground and I didn’t know how to get out of the painting. It seems my shyness had kept me from discovering more of you. Or maybe it has kept you from seeing me. Do not cast a gaze deeper because I’m not sure what’s underneath my surface. My heart still tries to love you from afar. In my own way, I have you labeled as my own as we walked by each-other today. The backdrop to your universe, I try to sit still so you won’t notice me. I noticed you noticing and I tried to become a blur. Please do not take offense to me for I have not decided who you are to me. I am afraid of what you might become, someone to love.

In between

Living in the

in between

the space

where light and dark meet

smaller than a molecule

but large enough for a universe

time and space hold their breath

in the in between

Here I find a glimmer

of the grey

seeping into my hands

The doorway to the in between

lies twixt my dreams and the reality

I miss this world

the in between world

Mundane Mediocraty

You grew up reading Aristotle

The tales of scholars and kings

Now you sit



deep into the clockwork

that we call life

You figure one day it will be fine

One day you can be free

but for now you sat


sink in to the mediocrity of the mundane

She Remebered

She remembered why she existed

sweet songs in her heart

look away wolf

she did not exist to devour

remembered only for her taste

she existed for the universe

she existed for herself

she made herself happy

she existed for no one else

remembered by her songs

and the dew drops on her hair

I thought about the world day

raised my glass half full

gave a toast to the spirits

sang the cerimonial wake up call

and turned my face toward the sun

ever shining with no despair


My mind wandered to a far away place

will they accept my offerings?

will they  re-live this moment after I am gone?

give the child his birthday present

he has been waiting all year for it

Let me fly with the birds and capture

the mouse with my talon