Roses are red

violets are blue

I drink coffee

and can spill it too


the Rain

I noticed something about myself today

I love the rain

it brings me peace, it has its charm

I love the dew the sweet smell

As I look up to the sky, the drops fall and one hits my cheek

the falling rain grounds me

it reminds me that I am alive

I am human as my feet splash through a puddle

I love the rain with the muted colors

where the yellows of the fall leaves seem brighter

and the violet seems deeper

The rain drips

the rain drops

and I walk along keeping happiness

tied up in a heart-shaped box


I am working hard

I am working harder

the writing on the wall

should not even be there

but the writing on the screen

should be more

but I am not God or

a genie

and I must keep working hard

working harder to try and be an