Long time

Its been a long time since we’ve

been friends

and now

we are at cross roads

because our lives are about to divided

into unknown territory

It’s been a long time since we’ve

smiled at each other

and laughed about the weather

because seeing your eyes

makes my heart flutter

and I can’t handle that feeling right now

I thought maybe our paths would be joined

rather than split

but I am willing to let fate take control

for I honestly don’t want to fight her

with my silly cries for the future she does not approve of

It’s been a long time my friend

and it will be longer still

until we meet

when we’re both gone



I remember  in my dreams that I meet people who help me on my journey
I remember  the places that I go the beautiful scenery and bright colors
I remember the water and sometimes how it is terrifying other times it is beautiful
I remember how I can always going somewhere, looking for something, trying to find someone
I remember  feeling strong and confident. I felt at peace.


They ran around in circles

round and round

a merry-go-round

of endless thoughts

her words were re-used

round and round

so they ran in circles around her

in their minds eye

nothing ever makes sense


No wonder you didn’t see

her staring

moving too fast to notice

but you reminded her of

childhood days

filled with rosy cheeks and

sweaty palms

on the playground where the only rule

was to be the fastest

now in adulthood the only rule

is to have enough twitter followers

her eyes thought of you

but didn’t betray it

still stuck in her young dreams and

timeless imagination

you were bashful too

both of you unsure of why

you didn’t say hello


I believe in the complex

the symmetry of entropy


life is more complicated than

my political affiliation or

my gender

at least I believe so

taking everything into account seems

like a daunting task

until you realize it is the only way to understand

fully how I think

the mess of my mind

creates the words and jokes I tell

sorry, I can really be crude, can’t I

I didn’t mean it

any of it

life it too complicated to be taken

completely seriously

Right, Friend?

We both say hogwash but mean daisies and roses

we both glance at our watches and remember our schedules

plotting life adventures like a math problem

Geometry maybe?

Sometimes the simplest “Hello”

will help me realize that life isn’t as

complicated as I make it seem

when I reduce my fractions and

smile in the mirror

then I can start to focus

on the objects of happiness and joy

that make this world Simple

A New

She ran and skipped and jumped

in the wide open space

in a field of flowers

she found the one place of


breeze shuttering

the long stems and petals

twirling around those free colorful fairies

her hair moved with the wind

made it look like she was



a nymph settled in her own world


I followed the leader

he was brighter than the sun

but he lead me away

from the warmth of

my heart

I followed the leader

she sounded stronger than stone

built on the foundations of fierce

she took me away from the sun

from the warmth of

my heart

I followed the leader

my mind

it boasted of great things

achievements never written or seen

my mind led me away from the sun

from the warmth

of my heart.