Cool story dude

yeah man it was great

then I said

“Who are you lookin’ at?”

It was your mom bro

I can’t believe it



Everything we said made sense when we where younger

but now time and reflection has shown that words sound dumber the farther you are from saying them




It was helpful at first

but then it made me sad

lately I keep running to your adjective

money well spent seems to be dictated

in the eyes of the beholder

I knew at one time you were a necessity

but I can’t seem to help spending money on those I love

giving gifts that will be forgotten in time


leave mea Frugality

I will use everything in power to define and refine

my love for them


The Adventurer

With a heart of iron, she gazed out over the hills. It had been a long night and dawn had slowly made its entrance into the morning. She rubbed her hands together hoping the friction would warm the rest of her body. A warm bed seemed miles away and truth was it was leagues away. The wilderness did not slowly acclimate the unfettered spirit. Instead with a surge and a roar, it drove the weak minded back to their comfy beds. But she would not be so easily disheartened. No, instead she would stand stead fast and take in the view. The glorious rolling hills with the deep green of the pine trees. It was almost too much for her eyes to process but she had all the time in the world. If she needed to spend a whole day gazing and understanding the vast nature, she would do it. Nothing was stopping her not even her cold fingers. Looking behind, she noticed her tracks among the leaves. Soon the wind would erase the memory of her footprints and the wild would return. The world seemed slower out here even though in reality everything moved faster. The trees grew stronger, the wind blew fiercer. She believed that enough time had been spent seeing the world from that vantage point and she moved forward. Her attentions were set and her adventure continued. Not knowing the destination but loving the journey.

From Silence

From Silence stems words of


no order

just screaming

They can be beautiful for I have seen it before

but this echoing brings life back to my mind

sweet sweet sounds rings true in my ears

and from the silence I will fly

a phoenix with ashes on her wings

I cry and sing all at once

everything became vivid and new