It is a dangerous thing

to call someone a lover

when you want to stab your


through their heart

they may read your words and become

entrapped in your fantasy

and then you must deal with the trap you have made

and kill the catch that you have caught

I have seen this done over and over and I think that I must

rid myself

of anything sensual

so there will be no question as to where the

fault must lay



On the porch

lemonade drinkers

okay they are sober

sipping sweet wine

the taste of summer

daffodils dancing to the tune of the wind

colors of  life settle in

the lightning bugs soar through

time guiding the imagination

to a far away place

warm rocks toast under the sun as

sleepy cats find the perfect napping place

summer rolls into view

and everyone laughs because it is the best time of year


Can’t we love each other like we used to

the dovetails sweet and salty kisses

help me to remember that I am worth something

Don’t know why I have to keep your touches in my heart

to feel like a golden rose in the sun

bending toward the rays that give her life

the past seems untouchable to my memory

and I can’t seem to think of the reason for your anger


typical of me though

I turn to type away,clacking on the keys that give me a voice

for the voices in my head don’t help the conversation that I have

with you

I want to sing like I used to

with the peaches and strawberries in my mouth

I feel the honey on my tongue as I hit the harmony of the song

you remember how I smiled and watched your eyes look at the music from me.

Love seems intangible now

just like the tune

I used to hum to

Flowers will bloom though

the old soothsayer told me

she whispered to me in my galaxy dream

and I knew

it would be okay again.


Little Rhyme

Hmmmm girl

with your little rhyme

how you want to talk about


and how is passes

Yeaaaaaah girl

with your eyes looking in the doorway

ready to throw away

everything you’ve been given

In light of recent events

it seems hard to recompense

why I left so suddenly

Maaaaaannn girl

Your head sits screwed on shoulders

like two boulders

with weight too heavy to carry any more

Your goodbyyyyye girl

never gave me the satisfaction

of your reaction

against the grain



I thought about when I was a freshman

and everything was greener than it is now

bright eyes with a loud tongue

I remember looking at the seniors

thinking they were the coolest people alive

their easy stature and solid gaze

everything they said seemed golden honey

to a youngin’ like me

I would watch them walk along to class

and laugh with their friends

I’m sure they were nervous but

I though they were spectacular

Wisdom and experience was their shield and

I couldn’t see the breaking reserve underneath

questions and doubts about the future

I only saw radiance

The sun gods of the campus

I laugh at my past self

because I was so enamored with their coolness

Now I sit in their seat

as a senior

and wonder if I shine like they did


shudder to think

In the while of time

I find myself looking at the smaller things

Not because I have to

but because  I want to

and during these explorations of the tiny

these times of discovering a sense of small

I shudder to think if

I could be imagining it

The blue fuzz on the door way

where your sweater caught

picture a perfect cupcake

but all the sprinkles are blue

and one has fallen off onto the table

Happy Birthday Friend

The eyelets on your shoes

rounder than your almond shaped eyes

but more hazel than your shoes

I saw all the small things

but I believe it is just your things

It helps me laugh when

our eyes do not meet

little, tiny bits

that I can’t ignore






It seemed to confound me that

the words I had spoken

I hadn’t thought through

I wish I could have taken it back


then again

I’m glad that I said it

the hum of my nerves keeps me from caring about your feelings

and the look in your eyes doesn’t help your case