its good to know

yes it is good to see

that only those I could never relate to read

my musings

only those who speak in sticks and pounds

seem to hear

it is good to know that I have been heard

but from the ears that don’t need to listen to true hatred

oh you see

my friend

or foe

it is good to know that I keep writing in spite of you listening



It is something wrought with worry

how my eyes turn at its roaring head

I don’t want to embrace it’s simmering touch

for I am afraid of what lies ahead

In dreams, I wish for its calming wave

but the reality makes me cringe

I cannot stop the inevitable push

and then I realize nothing in life has ever stopped

or been still

change flowing from one scene to the next

a play-write of time with no cause or rhyme

with little cares to the sudden death of a character

but as someone somewhere said once

the only constant is change

My Mother

It didn’t matter the time or the day.

She would smile and hold my hand

take me through life’s troubles and protect me

My mother

Wiser than the rooftop owl

with lovely eyes and hands

that create majesty

She toiled during my childhood years

She works even harder now

but I love to see her soul in the paint

strokes that sing anew

With paint she shows her laughing smile and

bright mind

My mother

I love her

her art reminds me of home


the mere speaking of words and exchanging ideas

was more of a craft project than a work of art

I felt like a pre-schooler with my dulled edged scissors and glue

there was no Picasso

No Van Gogh

but the items in by basket were created from my heart

I figured that if I kept on

eventually I would become a master, right?

How does one become more apt at what they are doing

When has one become and expert?

practice seems to be pointless if no progress is made

swimming upstream to reach fresh water

has a point, no?

it never ceases to confound me how the animals of our universe master

the instinct of life

they never question their reserve

and I must try and replicate their tenacity

I must try to be instinctual about my choices

about my passions

about my talents

become true to my name