I write

I write for something not yet found

I write for I can’t seem to say much of anything

when you are around

I write to free my thoughts from chocking me

from the wave of hurt to crash to harshly

I write because I can construct

I become the engineer

I become the architect

in a few words I transport myself to another place

to another world

I travel farther than my feet have ever gone

But I don’t mind because these words give me freedom

I can curse

I can cry

I can smile

all the while I can place a facade of words

to protect my silly ego

these words will be my wall

and my bridge to understand

I write because without I feel lonely

without it I feel slow

as I type my brain races faster and faster

filled with more and more ideas of new

stories that I could create

new galaxies yet to be explored

writing makes me the adventurer that I don’t think I could be

but writing also gives me respite that I don’t think that I could find

write for yourself

write beyond time

and you will find a smile.