Real Talk Tuesday

So I am still trying to create that space wherein I can talk about random things that I have been thinking about. This might become a regular thing, we shall see.

This Tuesday I want to talk about women in the workplace. I realized that my personal workplace experience is quite unique. I have only every had women bosses. Despite the statistics, the people in charge have always been women.

You might think this is nothing to talk about but I find this fact to be extremely interesting. My personal views on women and working have been greatly shaped by this experience. I think. From a young age my mother worked full time and also helped run the household. So I never thought mom’s would do anything different. When I started working, I was working two women and again, I never thought it would be weird to have female bosses.

In no way am I saying that it is WAS weird to have female bosses. I never even gave it a thought. But recently I have wondered how my personal views would have been different if I had male bosses.

Currently, I am working in a museum where the entire education department is comprised of females. I wonder if this is because there are less males in the education world or is is because females excel in this area? I don’t expect for there to be a straight and perfect answer but these are things I think about.

So because I have had such wonderful bosses, I realized that I never thought of limiting myself. I have always seen strong females in the workplace taking charge of what needs to happen. Unknowingly, these women have influenced me to strive to do something greater than societal expectations.

I know that this is not everyone’s experience. To be true, all these women were white cis-females. And because I relate to this experience, I can feel empowered by their achievements. But I wonder can my black or non-heterosexual friends feel this way?

More and more, I am realizing how important role models can be to inspire greatness. These role models should reflect all experiences and I hope that within the coming years more and more diverse role models can flourish so that even more individuals will be realize thier potential.

Whenever I think about how the media portrays women, I realized that my personal experience is quite the opposite.


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