Writers Block?

I stumbled over thoughts in my mind. Wondering why
there was still a blank stare reflecting back
I tried to dig deep into my emotions
and like a magician conjure a rabbit
that would save the day
a trick to deceive the audience from realizing that it was all a facade
then I stopped
didn’t write
didn’t even sing
it sort of feels as though my creativity has left me like a dream I want to remember
I have held onto the building blocks but I can not seem to grasp the details
Where are my sweet words?
Where is my inspiration?
Must I always be sulking to produce something worth while
It seems as though I have a case of writer’s block
there is no cure but to ride the wave
of lacking
till the crest falls back
against your head
and washes you of all the mess in your mind
Now you are clean cold and shivering
but listen
I’ve started to hum again


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