The lush brush
settled down for
the incoming storm
even the birds
flew very far south
the leaves fell far
from the place they
and I noticed that
those dancing fairies
once bringing a
symphony of light to
the dusk set
are no longer around
to provide me guidance
when I travel home
in the evening.
This absence sent my mind
from looking down
and I missed a step
falling toward the ground
meeting my crisp friends on
the mossy earth
and it seemed that where I
I felt as though I belonged
hands smooth against cold stone
lying flat within a bed of daises

Plank of Wood

As though stuck in
a plank of wood
the nailed pieces
of the past are grating at
my heart
I longed for the carpenter of time
to pick up the broken pieces
and mend me into fresh pine
smell the dust of the lumber new
but there was only a
makeshift fix in place
wherein the snapped frame
of my dreams were taped
together haphazardly
yes, it was all so melodramatic
because how else would you listen?