A Doll love

Figurines and

Glass dolls 

Shatter against

Your unmoving spirit

I have thrown

So many things at you

That I thought would pierce your heart

I cannot tell if you are


Or madly in love

But both give me shivers down my spine

Sending bumps across my arms

And I reach to warm them

You can tell I have no arrows in my quiver 

And slowly lean foward to pick up the smashed porcelain 

Will you look me in the eye if I called you a name once more?

Why do you show me such compassion

That it does not resemble pity

Time heals many wounds

And I have too many to count

When you sofly say my name 

The angered lion leaves my spirit 

And my clouded eyes start to see everything that has been done

I want to cry but instead hold on to your hand

You do not push my senses further and 

I am able to breathe

Your love for me speaks louder than the screams

And I have such a hope because

You take care of me



Freedom means 

Nothing when

The chains of hatred 

Capture your moth

Tear your lips from

Your innocent face

How the white man laughs

Scoffs at the idea that 


Should have a voice

The bloodied lips 

Lay in my hands where 

I have been forced to become part of

An inconceivable act

Dignity is smeared away

From my precious eyes

As I listen to the white man

Tell his tall tale

Pray for me

Friend give me council

For my mouth can no longer breathe

And I have fallen into darkness

As she stood in line

For the train wondering

 where life heart beats

start to drum

She noticed a pigeon picking up yesterday’s trash 

But the beating rhythm of the love muscle


In her ears

So loud that 

The train bell sounded more like a sweet whistle 

It was hard to pay anything else any attention

Except the loud thumping of her chest that resonated through her teeth

It could have been nerves that made such a symphony

Or it could have been you

But like the train you have been drowned out

Not even screaming overtakes the deep boom boom

Overwhelmingly mesmerizing 

she started to realize

It was the rhythm of life


I memorized the lines

The shapes

Of the moving parts

Of the global problems

Looking for a solution

Looking for a key puzzle piece

To fit

Gently rather than

Force a fix to make the problem

Go away

The weight of the pain that

Happens each day cannot be measured

By pounds or grams

Ounces or kilos

For the scale is imbalanced toward those who have the means to survive

And the voices of the suffering 

get lost

Cold wind muffles their cries

Where winter lasts forever

Who will come and let

The poor be  heard? 

Too many times the powerful figure has already decided their fate

Injustice of the mounting global problems

Brings me back

Trying to recognize 

The forms

The shapes

To where I can see a future 

Brighter than the clouded sun 


You gave me a reason

To love again

You gave me a reason

To think I was in love again

I was so totally captured by your voice and those moments that we shared together

Never noticing the fact that the words on a page created you

Not aware of how you could never touch my face or hold my hand

I kept dreaming about us


And how you would still be my one true love

Holding sweet incence words to my breast

How I wished that I could turn and see you standing near me

Those words like ivory

Precious and costly

For the death of a heart is required to make you truly live here

In my mind


I managed to start again

afresh knowing that part of the reason I write

is to share something


moving parts of my mind

falling into place over the keyboard

then I start and manage to eek out

What do you want to hear?

about my life and where I have been

The stroll that I took today

out of my bedroom

out of my mind’s eye

when I looked in the mirror and decided

it was time for me to

jumble those priorities

and reach the doorway

to possibilities

What will I find outside?