Ima sing song writer

Ima dance drive fighter

Beats keep my feet in time

Beat keep my body in line

Cant stop moving

My body

Cant stop singing 

The music

Ima fierce fought dragon

Ima lost soul laggin

Behing the door is where the secrets lie

Behind the door is where I hear you cry

Cant stop the beat of the 

drums now

Cant stop my feet from


Ima gasp in the mirror 

Ima ghost in the corridor 

Ima hero in my own mind

Ima shine till I make you blind

Cant stop the light from blazing

Cant stop us

We’re amazing


Rest quickly

Sleep quietly 

Shudder the cold

From your shoulders

Snuggle in 

Warm hands and feet

Soft fuzzy whiskers

Blanets piled 

To keep toasty


Ruffled yellowed feathers

Paper thin feeling

Between my fingers

The crunch of the page

As you turn

Black deep lettering

Striking contrast for the reader

Smells like eternity 

In a thousand spaces

All wrapped up in a wood container

Thoughts and visions 

Give rise to worlds of wilderness

That will be explored by minds

Tapered corners and hardback shells

Are part of the mystery contained in 

The story

Listeners cannot hear

You must read to find

The treasures hidden

The rubies and diamond words

Found on the flat page

Wait Love

I will wait. 

Keep my ship in the harbor,

Tie down the sails

For you.

It’s not about supressing 

Inner turmoil or light

But rather keeping it hidden

Until you arrive.

I will not waste my time with 

Other lovers.

Chaff in a dust wind bowl.

Instead I will keep watch for your arrival

At my doorstep;

It may seem uncanny

Or foreign 

In the forecast of todays temperature 

For love.

But I vow to stay patient and learn 

To love myself

While you travel to reach me.

Both of us are wanderes

Unsure of our destination

But at one juncture we will meet

And then we will travel together.

It is far from what others want

But this is what I want.

I will wait for you my love

And when we finally see each other’s

Sweet tears

I will be willing to go the distance 

With you by my side.

Its Me

One day down

Check the box

And mark the calender 

I was blessed to make it through

Although the darkness lurks behind

My minds eye

It didnt cover my vision


I knew I could keep going

Making my own path from what I left 


Recounting the immovable parts

Never puts my mind at ease

So I started counting my steps

And let the breeze brush my neck

Its rubbish you might say

As you continue reading until the end

But my life and words are not complete 


On a page filled with periods

Oh no, dear solider

I am fragments and fractions

Spun together by time and linked 

By my loves and friends

Even my enemies tie the knots to create 

The assemblance of a person

Run away if you must

Keep reading if you can

My mind wanders far

But my body stays stationary

And time become ticking clocks

Moved only by the will to create


I just took my dog on a walk

And he ran away from me

I think he though that he was free

And started jaunting happily

I called his name

But all in vain

For he did not want to stop

It wasnt until

I paid the bill

That he looked back and stopped


Its the dream sequence

That frightenes me

For the reality of my mind

Create barriers to the present 

I never can tell which world I am

A part of

I thought dreams ease the rester

But instead they torrment me

Calling to mind all the hopes I have for the future

While my eyes lift and I realized 

I was still in bed

Conquer the world

They said

Live your dreams to the fullest

But what you dont understand 

Is my capacity for capability 

Weigns each passing day

It took hold of me

And I let it

Not love or romance

But deep deep darkness

Stillness and quiet that brings

Your nerves to the edge of uneasiness

It took me slowly

Now I am overtaken

And I do not know where to look

To see the light

Winter Snow

The wintry mix

That was forcasted today

Fills my hair and eyelids

White spects of marble and downy 


Increases my chance of falling

Catch me

My dear

Be not afraid

For I bring tidings of good joy

Look past me 

My dear

And forget my name

For I have melted with the snow


The morning crankiness

Drives away any beauty I had while


I gave myself five more minutes

Which turned into five more hours

Which turned into five more days 

And I couldnt be bothered 

I lived inside my mind

Looking for answers in a small small place

Unwilling to let others provide a solution

I wanted to hate my every move

So i did

And the moral of the story

Is never over sleep