It was your homecoming

Sweet travels home

That brought out my inner child

Funny you should notice now

Because normally I wear a mask

Calling loved ones and saying hello

Brought back time and space memories

Only I remember 

The bumble bee on the doorway 

Lifting off before 

I called you over

Leaving here had been difficult

But returning is even harder

New spaces and old spaces

Jumbled together in a 

Mixed green salad sort of way

I wrote a poem for my lost homeland

But then I found it

Quite surprised by this fact

Now I need to remember 

Who I was




Morning eyes

Foggy from darkness

The bright flash

Of my stupid phone

Hurts my senses 

Well Im awake now

Might as well try and 

Scrap together


Sounds and words

To keep the 8 people

Who will read this interested 

School days 

Life as a child

Thru their eyes…

I ran outside today

Fought foes only I could see

On the playground

Ran so fast

You could never catch me

I wrote my name today

It was hard but I still did it

The rules to the game changed 

And I called pause

So please wait

I think everyone is smart and funny

But running is the true scale of greatness

Lets read another story

About the giant peach

Okay my way is the right way

Okay my way is the right way

Okay my way is the right way


I’ll listen

It was a dream

Where we swam


Touching hands in the water

Because we were too shy to 

Look into eachothers eyes

Gazing down at the coral reef

Underneath the deep sea waves

Rolling us along farther from shore

Will you save us my dear?

Another Passing

In light of death, it seems each person brings their own stories to understand the loss. Maybe to remember the loved one. You are given moments in time which are cherished by your heart. Even though the person no longer breathes, you remember their breath. When they talked to you the day before. Sudden passings have a way of waking up our internal thoughts to the realization that death is not how it should be. Life needs to be lived not remembered. Memories fade with time and that is the most heart wretching part. Times when you were present become mixed with times that have become past. I loved them. I still love them in memory. Knowing that my own time will become part of other people’s memories, as I join the other side. 


What if I stole all of Ed Sheerans songs and pretended they all were written by me? 

Would people believe that I’m in love with your body?

I am not that shallow so the ruse would be up before it started.

But apparently the ruse works for Ed Sheeran.


Tisk tisk

Drip drop

Boom boom boom



Ring around the rosies

When I see the posies

I know my mother died

Tisk tisk

Drip drop

Clang clang clang



Ashes ashes they all fall down

The earth swallows them up


Im hungry

I wrote a poem for you. 

I read it over 

Ten thousand times

Counting each letter 

And undoing my meaning

I wrote a song for you

Sang it to the birds each morning

Gave the rhythm and tune more thought

Than necessary

I chose my voice as the accompaniment 

To the meaning of the song

I painted a picture for you

A landscape that brought colors

To all of the beauty you represent

More vibrant than reality

But nature in its truest form

I cried a river for you

Because even though I do not know your


I have not seen your face

My heart is full of roses

Full of time and memories

For us to share

Our spirits call eachother

Whispers in the future wind

I will give my heart to you

When that day comes 

And my eyes will shine brightly

Look to my lips for a smile of satisfaction 

My poem, my song and my picture 

Summing up my patience and anticipation 

For your arrival

Time has become our friend

As our ivy love spreads through 

The garden of our lives.


I am

I am distressed

I am distressed to see you

I am distressed to see you distressed 

You are the morning to my day and

 the evening to my night

I am 

I am influx

I am influx when you see me

I am influx when you see me distressed

Moody answers and quiet thoughts

Revolve around not giving away the 

Incense love I have for you

I am

I am traversing

I am traversing dangerous terrain

When I explore my feeling of devotion

Toward you

I am 

I am feeling

I am feeling distressed 

Feeling distressed 

For my heart is more twisted than

I can bear

My Mirror

Am I actively trading places

With my friends experiences

So that I

Do not have to live out

My own?

Is the question too harsh?

Or does it reveal the real crutch

I have been trying to hide

The sun will come out tomorrow

A little girl sang

In a made up place

How am I supposed to see this as helpful?

Those stories are tales so tall

You wonder why no one has cut them


Do I hide behind my mirror so you must

Gaze only at your reflection?

Honesty is the best policy

But I must test and see if you are true

Before staring at myself

Be kind to this poor traveler

For she has lost her way

In the sedentary life

She has grown accustomed to live.