You thought

It rang

The phone


Your heart




How are you?

 A simple pleasantry wiped away

By the rain

Photographs are keepers of secrets

Far better than any human tongue 

So to answer your question,

How am I?

Look at the picture you have


My Love, Again

I sang for you today

Called upon my Savior to love you


It is sweet innocent musings of my soul

Do not 

Shame me

Or make me think less

Of the future love 

I will have. 

I thought you should be creative

We will paint our world together

Two artists with the canvas of life

Should you laugh at me?

Because I am a dreamer, 

Someone who believes fairies are

Just around the corner

Come and look with me my love

Let your curiosity out weigh my own

And bring us to worlds unseen

With your words

And your touch

Let us be adventurous together

Hand in hand

Sharing everything

Shivering as the moon sets

And the sun rises


I literally drank so much coffee

my blood is pulsing in my ear



I literally

will beat the drum faster than any other competitor

type away faster than any other writer

zoom by

in a blink of an


I literally

I literally

My brain is so full that my heart



I literally

I literally

Need a break from caffeine


Can I be honest for a moment?

Yes, I would like to hear.

I have been trying to rework the way I 


Has it been working at all?

I always thought a love would be the 


Well, I understand how you’ve been 


But I focused on my loves appearences

Without thinking about their character

Good point, inner heart is more important

Will I ever find a love to hold me close?

Just be patient my dear for time sharpens


Does my lover wait for me too?

Will it matter when they are yours 


Let me concentrate on what I have this 


Instead of living for the future

Good Idea you will be happier in the end 


It is a hard thing?

To make a friend?

In a day and age where likes and emojis

clutter up my words and thoughts and feelings

Lets be friends,

I want to say

But instead I friend requested you

Lets be real

I wanted to say

But instead I posted a selfie

Lets agree to hold each other close

when life’s storms will to tear us apart

I promise not to leave you mere messages

lazy slime and gook

I will build us a chariot of fire

so our friendship will ignite

and we will take to world

laughing up a storm.

Blue Sky Tag

I have been graciously nominated by poetry2473 to participate in the Blue Sky tag! I am so blessed to considered because I don’t normally write traditional blog posts. Thank you friend! I wanted to write longer answers because I felt inclined to do so, for those tagged feel free to be brief!

The Rules:

  1. Give 11 questions.
  2. Tag 11 people.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Don’t forget to thank the person who tagged you.

Questions Answered:

  1. When is your favorite time of year?
    • Truly, I love all the seasons, especially the change of seasons. The changing of the weather is much more enjoyable to me than the middle of winter or summer. But when push comes to shove, I love winter. I love the cold. The blistery wind. Even the gloomy cloudy days. This time of year allows for lots of retrospection, and I love that.
  2. When was your first love?
    • So personal! I will answer when my first ‘romantic’ love fell upon me. Because I believe my first love was my mother but it was a familial love. My first love was when I was around 13 or 14. I remember being so affected by this person’s presence that I couldn’t think straight when they were around. But I was quite shy and too shy and too young to make anything of those feelings. This person haunted me for a while but now they are gone from my dreams.
  3. Favorite blog?
  4. What drives you to continue in life?
    • It is a hope that I am part of a great story. With this hope, I want to keep going to bring kindness and joy to each person.
  5. What made you start blogging?
    • I have never thought of myself as an artist or poet. But I really wanted to share my thoughts. Blogging allows me a bit of anonymity that I wanted while producing works. Each time I start again, I remember how writing helps me translate my thoughts and understand how to maneuver through this world.
  6. One thing you would change about the world?
    • If I could change one thing… ( I know I should answer hate or death or something like that…) I would change the range of colors that we can see. I wish we could see infrared and ultraviolet. We only experience a small selection of color!
  7. Favorite book?
    • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. It is a mystery novel that should become a classic. Mind mindbogglingly clever
  8. Favorite artist?
    • I am a sucker for those Impressionist painters so Monet it is.
  9. One place you want to visit?
    • I would love to visit Japan. Not only have I dedicated a large portion of my life to the enjoyment of Japanese anime; I believe the history and culture of this country are very rich. I would like to see all of it in person. Those internet pictures are not enough.
  10. Favorite TV show?
    • The answer to this question heavily depend when you ask me. Right now, I would say my favorite TV show is The Great British Bake Off. I bring it up at least once a day, so it must be important to my soul.
  11. What is the most meaningful item you possess and why?
    • I really don’t possess very ‘meaningful’ things. But the one thing I own that I do treasure are my books. My books are very special to me, each one of them. And the memories and stories they contain are (to use the original description) quite meaningful to me.

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Questions to those tagged Above:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. Would you rather live in a city or the country?
  3. What is the farthest distance you have traveled?
  4. Do you consider yourself an optimist?
  5. What is your favourite song?
  6. Do you think it is important to hold your breath underwater?
  7. Where would you like to travel?
  8. Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?
  9. Do you have a pet?
  10. Who is your favourite comedian?
  11. What would you do during a zombie apocalypse?


May your heart rest easy

In this busy time of life

May you sing each morning

with the birds in flight

May warmth and prosperity

be your shield in night

May you guard your home

with generosity and hospitality

Welcoming each stranger in

with a warm embrace

May your days be filled with laughter

and tears that only burst from the sun

May the time we are apart

be shorter than winter

For the days have grown long

and I miss your arms

May my sweet kisses

grace your eyelashes

In an ever quickening pace

Until you smile brightly

And squeeze my hands

May our love spread through

each thing

we own

until May becomes the best month

of the year.


I woke from my dreams

With feeling of blank complacency 

I wondered why my best friend was so far 


We share friendship and care even miles 


I whisper prayers for her saftey

I hope her boat will stay steady

I thank God for her experience

But how can you be jealous of her joy?

I am happy to give her a homecoming 

Knowing that the shock of being 


Will be hard to bear

I pray for transition

Knowing that friendship will allow 

Me to call my friend everyday

And smile and laugh

Face to face