I seemed

To have


The love I found

In writing down

Every penny I could


I seemed to have forgotten

The easiness of the words

How they sooth my soul

No curse

Can last forever

They say

No love

Can last the night


I’ll try

To paint for you

Again I’ll try

Or die




Say congrats to the crown

The jeweled prince

Has become a King

Or so he thinks

But a king wears a

Heavy crown

An oh so heavy crown

That need a structure or a system

To hold it

Luckily for him

I am here

His advisor

His adversary

I mean, confidant

I will help the sweet

Prince make his move

And move those makers

Who tried to overthrow


I mean, him

The prince

I mean, king

His royal majesty

I will be there through

All the times

Dark and bitter

Light and peaceful

The two cents that I

Will give

Will change the course of


But none will recognize that

It was my hand at work

The prince is now king

And I am still the puppeteer

A master at feigning simple

Simple minded devil

Some have tried to be rid

Of me

In this royal court

But little so they know

I am the puppeteer that

Allowed them here

People whisper that I am


But I will kiss the royal hand

And bend my knee

Then who can dispute

Such loyalty?



To the Royal King



To Me

That Music

Music and


Bring me to a


Distant land

That always

Sways to a beat

And I want to dance

Till my blood runs dry

For that melody

Sweet hibiscus

Smelling roses

And tasting honey

To my ears

That is the joy

Of music

To me


From when cometh my help?

For hither I ran

Into the shadow

Of death

And there

I was smothered

By a growing presence

From whence cometh my help?

The Lord promised me in battle

There would be no fear

And now I stand knees knocking

At the slightest whisper

Cometh and bring down


With a magestic roar

That encourages

My knocking knees

To stand firm

In holiness


In the beginning

Was the Word

And the Word

Spoke a Word

And there was Light

And the Word gave Light

A place at their side

And the word spoke

A second time

And there was Love

Love sat on the left



And Love

Filled the heavens

And surrounded eachother

Then the Word

Light and Love

Spoke once more

And there was


Panic: A short story

It seemed like a good idea at the time

To bust around

Flipping tables and

Smash furniture

I can’t remember giving

The police my name

But at some point

I must have

Because all the sudden

My mother was

Screaming at me

In the mall cafeteria

How dare you behave like this!

This isn’t how I raised you!

I stopped my smashing

And thrashing to

Blankly stare at

The woman in front of


In that moment of

Pause, I regained

Part of my sanity

And started to cry

How did I become like


Who am I?

Who looked back at me

In the mirror this


The mall police took

My stopping as a sign

Of resolve and

Stepped closer in

My mother ran to

Me and hugged me


Forcing my arms to

My sides

So I couldn’t move


At that same moment

She hit my wrist

And something thudded

To the floor

A soda can,maybe?

I heard shouts

From all directions

As my face

Became smothered in

My mother’s


Who knew you could revert back

To childhood so easily?

As a sob left my mouth

My mother whispered

This is not how I raised you



Sweet sappy stuff

Bees spend all their

Lives making for winter

Sticky to touch

Yummy to taste

Honey, I love you

I love you, honey

I think she meant

It for the


We walked together out of

The cafeteria

Glass and wood

About me

Like a jigsaw puzzle

Someone didn’t finish

I looked down

And saw the

Thing I had been holding

Drew my breath in

It wasnt a soda can

Or even a knife

It was a Barbie doll

With her

Arms stretched high

In the sky

As if to say

“This is not how I raised you


I’ve always hated bees


I’d never thought of prayer

As an act of friendship

Or a sign of deep care

And love

But now I realize

How it points my

Heart to the right


And that is more caring

Than questions

Or flowers

I prayed to the

God of the universe

(Cause I have an in with Him)

Not really

But I do care about you

And have no way of telling you

So I pray for your saftey

And I pray you have wisdom

We still don’t know

Each other

Very well

So I am hesitant

To call you

Or write you a letter

God answered and said you are


For he heard me whisper

I know He thinks of my every need

And understands my anxieties.

I pray for you

When I think of you

Which happens more often than it


And I hope you will fare better soon


I am feeling dissatisfied with my

Current position in life

I am happy right now

But I feel as though

I have not broken through the


I want to stretch my arms

And push

Push out of the place

I am currently sitting

Dissatisfied is the wrong word


Restless to go



Take my own life

Make something for myself

I am running inside my own mind

Instead of running around the world

I want to

Do things

Like truly


And hit

And run


I want to

Create things

And film

Paint and


My life to its fullest

Art my way through

A real


This tireless wanting

Hunger to be more


It had infected me

And taken grip of my heart

The real sickness

Is never acting upon


Night mare


I thought

And lifted hopes

From a small locket

Wrapped around my heart


My nightmares

Turned from dark and


To light and


The locket opened

With a push to the latch

Inside colors

Burst forth

Reds and blues

And many hues

That contained all my longings

And desires

I thought


My nightmare had stopped

But maybe it is the