Winter weather

The bitter biting


Whipped through

My jacket.

Even though

I wore mittens

My fingers

Clenched together

In utter desperation

To find


Baby its cold outside

And the charm of

These icicles has worn


For this weather feels

Like the sounding call

Of a mighty

Snow mountain king


There a good happy


In my life

And I took the time

To relish

Just the other day

A glimpse into the present

And I realized

I have more than a full


It was one of those thoughts

I thought I’d never think

One of those ideas

That I could never call my own

Yes I’ve grown

But I still feel grounded

Realizing that

My life


My home

Warm Sleepy Blankets

Oh how I wish to

Rest a little longer

In the warm snuggled

Cocoon of the

Warm sleepy blankets

And forget about


And waking up

To start the day.

Oh how I wish

There was a magical spell

To turn the warm knitted

Comforts of my bed

Into a garment

That I don

This morning

Thoughts and anxieties

I believe

My nervous heart beat

Makes it so that

I have trouble


And writing my thoughts

So instead I look to the sky

Then walk to the door

It is the hopes and dreams that I have

Which give tremors to

My hands

Be quiet

Be still

So I start to hum a tune

I created three long years ago

The song resonates

With the shivers

And starts to calm my mind

Here I start to find peace

And I start to breath again