Nap time

I am at that point in the day

When your morning

Is spent

More than half the day gone

And your eyes

Start to weigh

More than a ton

That point in the day

When any music

Will lull you to sleep

Even the meeting starts to

Make your eyes water

I am at the point in the day

When the dark warmth

Closes in and

Puts me to sleep

Fast asleep on my desk


Whether or not

Todays sunshine shines

Across the tops of the

Rose garden

Whether or not

The twittering bird

Says hello to the moon

You are loved

You are loved

Whether or not

The mailman

Says goodbye

To the older lady

On the stairs

Whether or not

The baby bear

Finds a place

To see the mountains

You are loved

You are loved

Even the tiniest


And the smallest



That you

Are loved

You are loved

Take heart and sing

To yourself

You are loved

You are loved


As the new day dawns

For the millionth time

The sun peeks over

The horizon

It happens every time

But it is still

A blessing

Its still amazing

How the sun


To meet the day

Discovering that

The new life

I can lead

Is easy

And the yoke is light

For even the tears now

Can turn to a smile in the future

Its an easy




Steps and then you will

Find the happiness

That surfaces when you

Find a buttercup

In the garden

Loose leaves

And light colors

Falling through

The branches

To light the way

And keep a lamp at my feet

I look forward with my

Head held high

So much

When you breathe and feel

Your whole heart expanding

Meeting a day

A moment

In time

And every fiber

Of your being

Feels wide awake


Stretching and pacing

Because the energy

Moves and makes

You want to never look back

Too much

So many

Heart pounding

Mind focusing


That it overwhelms

Your mind



Around thought and ideas

For tomorrow

And the rest of your life


Do you ever

Take a moment

On your commute

To work

And wonder

If there will

Be so much traffic

That you are forced to

Turn around

And go home?

I wouldn’t mind