A week of questions

Gahhh! Its the end of another week and now I have to think of words and things to write down so it doesn’t seem like my life it truly falling apart.

In other news, I think I might be in for a huge life change. Talking about career change, lifestyle change, paradigm shift. The whole sha- bang.  The biggest thing I need to overcome is my fear of the unknown. This fear has immobilized me for so long. Taking control of my thoughts, feelings and future. I have let it overtake my decisions and run me around the carousel of life.

It will be hard to overcome it.

It will take courage.

Courage, something so simple and foundational in those superhero stores but seemingly elusive in my every day existence. Can one cultivate courage? Or must you inherit this trait like the color of one’s skin? Can I become courageous?

Be not afraid, my soul whispers.

But will the whisper be loud enough?

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