A bit more time

As summer comes to slow close, I am so excited to start wearing sweaters again. Nothing like the cold air licking at your ears, making the snuggles against your clothes extra wonderful and nice.

But along with the changing seasons, I can’t help but wishing there was a bit more time. More time to savor the long sunny nights and more time to smell sweet flowers. Summer isn’t finished yet but it is starting to wane.

This spring, I gave myself an unspoken deadline that I would find a new job and a new place to live by the end of summer. But this dream of mine, slowly seems more impractical as fall approaches. I do wish that summer could last a few more months so that I can get my personal “act” together.

Hmmm, but even with this unaccomplished goal on my checklist of life, I still relish the idea of fall arriving early. I can’t wait for the leaves to change and the rain to blown in.  As this season changes, I must remember to let my own life change at a pace that fits the rhythms of life.

Be well,


Photo by Aron Visuals on Usplash

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