In a…

In a great wide world

too large to define,

there lies an open field.

The wind rustles the grasses and the sun shines bright.

In an open field

where the flowers sway,

there lies a juniper tree.

It’s shade in the morning and it’s comfort in the night.

In a green, green juniper

where the birds do sing,

there lies a nest

On a small branch, snuggled between darkness and light.

In a little nest

where the eggs do lay,

there lies a mother bird.

She ruffles her feathers and sings, it will be alright.

By the mother bird,

where her body warms,

there lies a little chick.

He lifts his head so only mother was in his sight.


“Mother may fly

and you will too

But always remember

that I love you”


Today’s poem was inspired by the Go Dog Go Cafe word prompt “serenity”. Rather than just use the word in the poem, I wanted to evoke the feeling of serenity. For me, this words mean peace, comfort and love. Hopefully, at the end, you will feel warm and cozy and serene. Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash.

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