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Hello all! Over the course of these past two weeks, two lovely writers nominated me for the “sunshine blogger”. As many of you might know, this is tag is a fun way to get to know other authors and share in the joy of writing. I will be combining these questions into one post so please buckle up for A LOT of reading. My normal saturday posts are normally lengthy so luckily this isn’t too far form what I usually post.

Here we go:

First a huge thank you to Pallavi and Lazarus for nominating me. I have followed their writing for a few months now and I really enjoy the ways that they express themselves with words. Please check out their sites and give their work a read through!

Curating Thoughts (Pallavi):

The Poets Peace (Lazarus):

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them
  2. List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.
  3. Answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.
  5. Ask the Nominees 11 new questions.

11 (actually 20) Questions Asked of Me:

What/who inspires on on a daily basis?

I am very inspired by the natural world. The colors, shapes and forms found in the woods, in the seas and in the skies. Somedays the world seems almost too beautiful. When I drive into work each morning, it is the time I can marvel at everything.  Then later, I find myself including nature and references to these things in my poems.

Did blogging seek you or you sought this art?

Honestly, I think blogging/writing sought me. I am not naturally bent toward writing. In grade school, writing was a challenge because I could never seem to write what I was thinking. Over the years, I became a better writer but my creativity in writing was still lacking. I started to blog to write down my thoughts and feelings which I didn’t want to share with others. Then, this blog became more then just a place to vent but a place to imagine and create. It has been wonderful to continue to pursue writing and read other poems by others who are similar to me; individuals trying to carve out space for their thoughts and feelings.

Which is that one post of yours which you loved the most? you can share the link!

It’s hard to choose, but this is a poem I always like going back to read:

What is the best advise you have received and from whom?

During an academic trip, I met an anthropologist who consoled me when I told her about my doubts of pursuing a doctorate degree. She said “No matter where you end up, you will always be an anthropologist. This study has changed you, you won’t forget it and wherever you work you will use your anthropolgical perspective.” I think about this conversation a lot more than I would like to admit. And honestly, this piece of advice has grounded me over the past few years.

What’s your comfort food?

Pasta, pasta and more PASTA. Had these dishes a lot as a child and now a good lasanga or baked ziti puts me in a good mood immediately.

If you could time travel, which year would you visit? and why?

I am a bit obessed with the past. Don’t get me wrong, the past is very problematic but what time period isn’t? But, I am not just talking about going to the Rennaissance or ancient China. I want to go to the building of the stonehenge or the making of the cave paintings found in all over the world. There is a place in the US called Chaco Canyon. I would love to visit during a summer solstice celebration. Even just answering this question makes me dream about being at those places during those times.

Which is your favorite book and why?

My favourite book is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. First of all, Agatha Christie is my favorite author and secondly, I think this is one of her best works. Honestly, this book should be required reading because of the way the story is told. I love this book because the mystery is captivating and I have not found a better use of suspense as a story mechanic.

Has anyone pleasantly surprised you in the recent past and how?

Ha! I am thinking to the phone conversation where my best friend told me about a crazy thing she did. This took me by surprise but it was all lovely and fun all at once. I know I’m being cryptic but I can’t spill all the secrets!

What’s one thing you cant stand?

I can’t stand when people devalue hard work or when people don’t put in effort to accomplish a task. If you want me to elaborate, just ask.

What do you think of our world today?

Ahhhh, what a question. Well all in all, I think the world is a crazy place. Crazy good, crazy scary, crazy fun, crazy fast, and crazy difficult. There is good and bad in this world and it is crazy to think that I am part of it.

If you had a superpower (you might already have one), what would it be?

Gosh, when I was younger, I really wanted to be invisible and wander museums or palaces to find all the treasures therein without anyone knowing I was there. Now, I think I would want to have to super power to teleport. Then I would be able to go anywhere! I could visit people, but I could also help people!

What is the first thing you do after waking up?

After waking up, I click-clack on to the computer and write some poems.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from blogging?

I’ve learned that it is important to stay consistent with this craft. Writing/blogging is not an easy master to please. This craft required consistency and endurance as your try to cultivate your thoughts into words. Practically, this has translated into me writing and posting even when I think the poem is bad.

Do you have any pets?

Sort of, the pet isn’t solely mine. My family has a dog and I love him very much.

Do you prefer to use a laptop/computer or your phone for blogging?

Mostly, I use my desktop computer but sometimes I use my phone.

You have been arrested. What is the crime you are most worried about being falsely accused of?

Lordy, I’ve been arrested? I imagine myself being able to disappear before being taken in. No trace.

What is your favorite fantasy creature?

I have soft spot for anything that looks adorable. So my favorite is anything cute? But I enjoy fantasy creatures that also have magical powers, which now that I write that sentence, I am realizing that is most of them.

What do you do for fun?


Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Well, if writing under a pen name didn’t tell you already, I’m an introvert. Welcome to the silent party guys, let’s sit and read books or watch tv together.

What makes you want to keep writing?

I love the idea the people will feel inspired to start writing after reading a poem of mine. Or the idea that others can relate to the feelings and emotions that I try to put into words. I keep writing because of how it connets me to others and how it helps me reflect a truer version of myself to the world around me.

And The Nominees Are :

Anyone who has read this far into the post, consider yourself nominated! Seriously, if you are reading this part, I give you an ethernet high-five and encourage you to write your own sunshine blogger post. It is fun to mix it up so please write away! I will be looking forward to reading your responses!

11 (actually just 7) Questions for My Nominees:

  1. What is one of your favorite books you read as a child? and why?
  2. What has had the biggest impact on your writing journey?
  3. Have you ever had your work published? If so, share a link!
  4. What is your favorite genre? Horror, mystery, thriller, romance? Why?
  5.  What does your writing prcess look like? Do you edit your work?
  6. Have you told anyone in your everyday life about your blog? (don’t worry if you haven’t neither have I)
  7.  Which book or author has really impacted you as a writer?

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