The Haunting of Hill House

All the gold and silver

legends speaks but

the touch kills

in a house

where even the ghouls

dare not sing


Open to the public

Open to the stares

Where the welcome home


traps and snares.

I entered at my own risk

to find a land lost

jewels hidden in glass boxes

and you

sitting on a throne

only a crown to your name


the curse followed you

to each age

to each time

where every touch

gold reaps a madness

this haunting of hill house

where the winded child

dared to enter

only to find

that the treasure

made the man

a devil.


This poem is inspired by the Monster She Wrote, Prompt Challenge: Day 23-Haunting of Hill House and the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: winded child. Also, while writing this piece I listened to a song title “Midas“, and was very much influenced to tell this story in prose. So today is just an amalgamation of lots of inspiration! Photo by MUILLU on Unsplash.

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