A Time to Rest, a Time to Write

Oh Hello!

It seems like forever since I sat down and spent some time writing on this blog. Why did I take time away?

Well, the easiest answer is that the business of life took me away. I wish it didn’t but it did. Now I come stumbling back to my keyboard wondering if my dear writer friends will still want to hear my poems.

I have felt a strong sense that it is important to take time to rest, recharge and reconsider my life journey. These past few weeks have been this time for me. Although I have been busy, moments that I normally would take to blog have been filled with reflection and meditation.

This time away has made me more excited to start writing again. I have different and new ideas that I want to try and for the first time I don’t feel fear in sharing these ideas with you.

I am looking forward to the future. The bright sun and the yellow pink shadows that fall as I turn my face toward the light.

Be well and you’ll hear from me soon. I promise.



Photo by Angelina Kichukova on Unsplash.

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