What do we know?

What did I know about you?

except that you were



and with

blonde hair

Really you were just a boy

young and innocent

excited about cupcakes

and tea in the morning

what did I think about you?

except that you

could be a charm,

diamond in the rough

to my ideal

version of life

Really your were just a boy

tired of pretending to be

an adult

play and plotting

away your next


What do you wonder about me?

she’s a tired type of girl

and funny to listen to

easy to laugh with

but never sharing


Really she’s just a girl

dreaming of a fairy garden

where icicles can grow

on trees

even in the summer

What do you see in my eyes?

Always shaded

by my downward cast gaze

and never looking up

just a glance to

notice the blues and hazels

swirl in a mist

revealing her soul

Really I am just a foriegner

seeking a new land

to live in peace

where I can pray and sing

to every sunrise and


What do we know?




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