Poems from the past pt. 2

Today I woke up to the sun

but my eyes craved one more

lasting blink

Can the stars turn back time for me

to rest?

Then later today,

I contemplated my life and where

I should go

and who I should


I feel so transient


most times

it sinks into me

as water in the earth

slowly until I am

soaked with the notion

that I can do anything

or everything; maybe

But then I looked out over

the canyon and tried to

imagine myself back in time

jumping off the cliff

to fall into another world

the wind blew their memories

around my closed eyes

and I knew then

the stars had answered my prayer.

I was inspired to go through my journal from about a year ago and re-read some of the poems that I wrote back then. I thought it would be neat to have a week where I showcased some of my past penned poems that have never seen the light of day. To be honest, I was motivated by the “Throwback Friday” posts found on the Go Dog Go Cafe. If you haven’t, take a moment to see all the greater writers who share on that page! – L Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.

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