Poems from the past pt. 7

The irony is that after everything
after all the happenstance and
I still see myself in the woods
In a peaceful cabin surrounded by
beautiful oak, maple and pine.
Picking strawberries from a field
and whistling to myself.
My hair is tied in a bun
with short strands flowing in the wind
as the breeze brushes by.
I am humming to myself a
tune created from my own
I look up and gaze out across
the valley. The warm sun hitting
my face.
I smile to myself because this
place is marvelous,
such a gift.
I never thought it could be called
my home.
A slight rustle from behind,
I turn to catch you walking
through the forest.
A smile settles on my lips again as
I glimpse you through the
I know you’ll arrive soon.
Three more strawberries are added to my basket
and one berry for tasting.
I hear you call my name.
A soft spoken murmur that
casts a spell on me.
I turn smiling again
but just to myself.
For I say,
“Hello, How are you?”
“Picking Strawberries?” you surmise.
“Well tis the season”
“Eating strawberries season?”
You laugh and bend down to grab a strawberry.
Delicious and sweet
I taste one too.
The sweet crunch reminds me
of everything wonderful about
Everything wonderful about
“Yummy!” I cry.
You laugh, chuckle at my
child-like response.
“You ready to go back home?”
“I think so”
“They’ll be more for tomorrow”
“I am sure of that”
You take my basket as I grab
my shoes from the field and
we head back home together.
“Can we sing a song?”
I ask randomly.
“About summer?” you respond.
“How did you know?”
” I heard you singing to yourself earlier”
I smile and blush all at once.
“That song was for the trees” I state.
“But it did sound lovely” you counter.
“Well thank you” I bow dramatically
“But you’ll sing a song for me, won’t you?”
You look up to the sky. Then with a toss of your head you sigh and smile all at once.
“I think I will” you grin.
Then I listen and wait.
At first, all I hear are our footsteps and my breath. But I know the
song is forming in your head
Then in a wonderful crecendo you start to hum
“Oh for the day the sun breathes
it makes me wonder!
Oh for the beauty of the green forest woods a sunder!
And I wish
and I see
That my one true love
is standing next to me.”
I blush and respond in the same tune,
“And I wish and I see that my one true love they are standing next to me.” You smile and giggle
and now that I am content.
I grab your hand, squeeze
tightly and sing,
“That my one true love
is standing next to me.”

I was inspired to go through my journal from about a year ago and re-read some of the poems that I wrote back then. I thought it would be neat to have a week where I showcased some of my past penned poems that have never seen the light of day. To be honest, I was motivated by the “Throwback Friday” posts found on the Go Dog Go Cafe. If you haven’t, take a moment to see all the greater writers who share on that page! Photo by Sean Musil on Unsplash.

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