Scarlet Rosebud

Glass diamonds on your neck

A scarlet rosebud on your chest

and I do wonder

why all the world seems to

stare at you

Emerald jewels on your ears

Innocent lies on your lips

and I do wonder

why all my heart seems to

devour you.

This poem is directly inspired by the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at Go Dog Go Cafe. I am working through older prompts to help spark my imagination. Be sure to check out the challenge every Tuesday! Photo by Eva Waardenburg on Unsplash.

3 thoughts on “Scarlet Rosebud

  1. Stephen says:

    Excellent idea, very grateful that you are taking the time to go through older prompts… I like to think of the things we do at the cafe as lively and not tied to a static moment of time… this poem nails it… both the prompt and the dynamic ness of the cafe!

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