Sherlock and Claire (a work in progress)

“Halloooo?!! Claire!!??”

Sherlock bounded up the stairs of Claire’s house and rang the doorbell. After what felt like an eternity, the door slowly opened and Sherlock peered inside.It wasn’t Claire. It was her mother…

“Oh, Hi Mrs. Watson”. Sherlock moved his head looking further inside. Mrs. Watson, a small but determined Korean woman smiled to herself and said, “Hello James, Was Claire expecting you? She’s up stairs. But please, come inside.” Sherlock sighed, shrugged his shoulders and entered. He stood in the entryway. “I don’t want to stay long so I can’t take off my shoes. But I really need to talk to Claire.” Mrs. Watson smiled again.

“Claire?” Sherlock called.

A distant “Hello?” and a padding of feet was heard from upstairs. Claire rushed down straight into Sherlock.

“Gahh!” she cried.

“Woah!” Sherlock backed up. Mrs. Watson smiled again.

“What’s up Sherlock?” Claire asked while pulling on her sneakers.

“Claire,”  Sherlock stated “I found out more about the book, I was talking to Mrs. Jones and…” Sherlock trailed off as he noticed Mrs. Watson still standing in the entryway, smiling.

“Uhhh” He stumbled. “…we should see her ASAP.” Claire glanced at her mother. Mrs. Watson smiled. She knew these kids had secrets but Claire had told her a lot. “Go on Claire,have fun”

“Thanks mom!” Claire beamed as she pushed Sherlock through the door. Their voices trailed behind. Sherlock exclaiming “Mrs. Jones said the book isn’t just about history, it’s about time travel!!!”

Mrs. Watson gazed through the screen door, thankful her daughter had a new friend.


I am SO very late in following the Writer’s Workshop schedule hosted on Go Dog Go Cafe by Tanya Cliff. BUT here it is! The second part of the workshop was to cut 10% of the words. I believe this left the sentences more impactful. I tried to tighten up my verb tense (with which I am horribly inconsistent). Week 3 will be posted tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

p.s. Apparently there was a prompt for this workshop?!? Oh well, I totally missed that memo! Ha!

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