Saturday Reflection

Hello everyone,

It has been a hot second (or should it be a cold second? Since it’s winter still?) since I took a moment. Sat at my desk. And wrote a bit of a reflection. 

So much time has passed partly because I was trying to be better about writing poetry and posting prose. I think I have become somewhat more frequent, especially now that I am trying to be part of the Writer’s Workshop over at the Go Dog Go Cafe. This workshop has helped inspire other stories and other prose. Once I start writing, I find it hard to stop. Maybe this is a good thing? My writing tends to spark new ideas that then spark other ideas. Like fireworks that fire one after another. Many times it is difficult to keep up with it all; all the ideas that pop into my head.

One idea that I have sunk my teeth into (gross?) is that I want to start working on a children’s book series. I have been mulling this idea over in my head for a while now. At this moment, the timing feels right and I can’t wait to get started teasing out this idea further.

Oh, and the quarantine right? Let’s not forget this. 

I am currently working from home. I am very thankful I have a job that can be remote. But the transition to “work at home” has been extremely difficult for me. I have found it hard to concentrate, difficult to stay motivated and overall I am lacking motivation. My loved ones have been grating my nerves with their natural tendencies and without realizing it, I have let my anger dictate my speech. 

In these moments, I can’t help but think “How long will it all last?”. It’s a race I never wanted to run. Well, let’s face it, none of us wanted to do this. But here we are stuck inside doing our part to keep others safe. 

I don’t want to just complain, moan and groan for this whole reflection. So, let’s talk about the bright parts of my day.

When the sun rises, I get to see the sky turn from pinky greys to bright blue. The early spring has meant that there are flowers right outside of my window, which I glance at every chance I can. My fluffy dog sometimes will walk in during the work day and bless me with puppy kisses. That feeling of a warm mug of tea in your hands as you start the day. Or the picture of my family at my “work from home” desk that I look at and remember those happy moments. 

All these little blessings are so good, so good for my soul. I just need to take time to remember them. Keep strong everyone! 


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