WRITER’S WORKSHOP II, Week 1: Sally Packed Devilled Eggs, The “Deep-Holes” of Alice Munro

So excited for the new Writers Workshop! check it out!

Go Dog Go Café

Sally packed devilled eggs—something she usually hated to take on a picnic, because they were so messy. Ham sandwiches, crab salad, lemon tarts—also a packing problem. Kool-Aid for the boys, a half bottle of Mumm’s for herself and Alex. She would have just a sip, because she was still nursing. She had bought plastic champagne glasses for the occasion, but when Alex spotted her handling them he got the real ones—a wedding present—out of the china cabinet. She protested, but he insisted, and took charge of them himself, the wrapping and packing.

You can enjoy the rest of the story here:


In order to be a good writer, you must spend time reading great writers. Alice Munro is one of the best. A prolific short story writer, Alice Munro thought she would eventually write novels. Instead, she has provided the world with an amazing body of short form work…

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