Another Saturday Reflection

Now that it has been a few weeks of working from home, drinking tea during all hours of the day, I thought it would be smart to take some time to ponder life, liberty and this place we call social distancing.

As someone who loves routine and rhythms, I have found staying at home to be difficult. I consider myself to be an introvert.  So the fact that I am not going out doesn’t necessarily bother me. Its more the fact that I am restricted in seeing and hugging friends that I hold very dear. Video chats and phone calls do help, but it’s not the same ya know?

In other news, my sister and I have embarked on a new creative project together. We are going to write a series of children’s books! (or at least try to!) I am going to be the writer and she will be the illustrator. My hope is that it will still be a very collaborative process and help us grow in our own creative respects! But as we continue, I realize that I have not collaborated creatively in a very long time. Does anyone have any pointers? Any words of wisdom or advice? At this point, we are still in the very early stages so I want to make sure we lay down a good foundation so that we are successful in our endeavors!

Be well,



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