Tammy always knew the next “right” thing to say. She had been over this with her mother a thousand times before. “No, mom, you have to wait to take more medicine” Her mother frowned, wanting to digest more pain medication to alleviate her discomfort. “Tammy! Give it to me now!” her mother barked.


Tammy hit her hand against the side table. Today, her mother’s demands seemed too much. It struck a nerve.

“Tammy?” her mother ventured.


Tammy’s anger had not worn off. The pain in her hand started to throb. There would most definitely be a bruise there tomorrow. Tammy stared blankly looking at the sheets that covered her mother. Off white. Beige maybe? Tammy felt her mind spiraling. Off.

“Mom” she breathed in. “Mom, I’m sorry, I just…” She held her sentence not knowing how to continue. ” I just think my life is falling to pieces around me.”

Photo by Justine Camacho on Unsplash

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