Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks To PatBunny for nominating me for this award! I always think awards are a fun way to connect over the internet-sphere. It is fun to read the responses and also check out new blogs! Be sure to check out PatBunny’s work here:

Now on to understanding more about myself….

1. What was your inspiration to start blogging?

I was inspired by reading different famous writers. I wanted to test the waters of writing and share my thoughts and feelings. It has been such a wonderful way to process life around me.

2. Are you a morning person or a night person?

I am a morning person. The stillness and quiet of the morning hours cannot be achieved at any other time of the day. I love watching the sky turn pale link to blue. My dog running around sniffing every inch of grass. I truly enjoy the mornings.

3. If you could travel back in time, what would be one thing you would change and why?

What would I change? Wow, I feel as though this is a loaded question. I would go back in time to the day the library of Alexandria burned and prevent the fire.

4. What is one book you would not mind re-reading?

Howl’s Moving Castle. Every couple of years I re-read this gem. It is one of my all time favorite stories.

5. What is the one blog post you are most proud of? Share the link!

I am really proud of this piece. It is one of the longest pieces of fiction writing that I worked on. Although it is not perfect, I am proud that I was able to write this many words:

6. Are you a “fold the page” type of person or “use a bookmark” type of person when reading a book?

Ooo. This is the ultimate question! I am both. Books that I own, I will fold the page. Books that I borrowed I will use a book mark.

7. What is your favorite quote and why?

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” — Arthur Conan Doyle,

8. If you could spend the day doing only one thing, what would it be?

I would spend the day gardening 🙂

9. What is something you’ve started and wanted to finish for a really long time but just haven’t gotten around to it?

I started learning Japanese in grade school but never kept up with it. Over the years, I have tried to go back and learn more kanji/hiragana but it hasn’t stuck

10. What is your dream job and why?

I would love to be the manager of a hitorical property. I love the idea of up keeping the landscape and also helping guests enjoy the space.

11. Tell me your go-to joke!

It’s an inside joke with my family where we say “like my earthly father” with a heavy NY accent whenever we need to emphasis the ridiculousness of someone’s actions.


• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
• Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
• List the rules and display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

My Nominations:


Melody Chen



Cobbled Contemplations/Rhen




Lucys Works


Rose J. Fairchild

My questions:

What is your favourite time of day to write?

What books have you read recently?

Have you discovered any new hobbies in the last 3 months?

What poem/post are you very proud of? (include a link)

If you could spend an afternoon in one cafe, where would it be?

What keeps you motivated to write?

Are you a decent speller?

Name your favorite movie quote.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

What is your third favorite color?

Do you own your favorite book?

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. PatBunny says:

    I loved all of your answers Liyona! Especially number 3, 6, and 7 (since that is one of my favorite authors of all time). I think your piece in the story collab was very well-written too! Thanks for taking out your time to answer my questions 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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