Brave and Reckless’ Creativity Prompt Challenge: Mad World

Consider submiting to Brave and Reckless’ Creativity Prompt Challenge! I am going to work on it this week!

Go Dog Go Café

Like many of you, the last six months have taken a significant toll on me physically, emotionally, and cognitively. I have been a sporadic blogger at best, sharing more information about Indie Blu(e) Publishing and other writers’ work than my own. It has been so hard to decide what actually matters when 2020 keeps throwing punch after punch. The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg yesterday has simply gutted me and has me feeling like I am living in a prequel to The Handmaid’s Tale.

I am thinking that many of us could use a creative outlet this week as our social media feeds are full of photos of orange skies, vitriol filled political rants, and fear for the future. In honor of Pentatonix’ powerful and haunting cover released earlier this week, I have decided to host a ‘Mad World’ Creativity Prompt Challenge. Hopefully it will help us write out some…

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