Promptober Day 8: Headline

The morning light shone through the study window casting soft shadows on the bookshelf next to the window frame. The room was filled with a comfy warmth that only the 10 o’clock sun provides. Loch sat in a large leather reading chair next to the window. He was pursuing the headlines of the Daily Tribune, the regional paper filled with international and local news. Loch puffed on his pipe. His comrade Stonely walked into the study carrying a stack of books on ancient history. The small framed man seemed to tilt slightly to the left with the weight of the books in his hands. Loch continued puffing on his pipe.

“Hey-ho Loch.” Stonely said after putting down the books. “What’s the news like?”

Slowly, Loch took his pipe from his mouth. “A fine deal has been happening to lots of people all the while mostly nothing important has been reaching the headlines.” 

“Cryptic as always,” Stonely said, sitting in the chair opposite to Loch. He picked up one of his books and started to read.

“You know Stone,” Loch said looking out the window. “It seems as though our hearts are never in the right place and yet there is always an adventure waiting for us.”

“What’s in your pipe today Loch?” Stonely replied not looking up from his book.

“Another fascinating moment on the street as always” Loch said looking down into the street below. A well dressed lady of certainly some wealth was walking away from the window. A tall man dressed in evening clothes approached her from the opposite side of the street. The woman looked over and started to increase the speed of her gait.

“Hey-ho” Stonely had come to the window and was watching the same scene. Loch puffed on his pipe. The man was clearly shouting at the woman and tried to grab at her. She turned and started running back down the street. 

“And that’s our cue.” Loch stood up and quickly went out of the study down to the front entrance. Stonely followed close behind. Loch opened the old oak door. 

“Oh! Help!” The woman cried.

Loch took her arms and pulled her through the door. Stonely grabbed the door and swung it shut. The man in the street shouted and started to bang on the door. After a moment, the sound stopped and a silence sank on the three in the front entryway.  Loch and Stonely glanced at each other and then at the woman in front of them. Her smart dress indicated a certain class and demanded a certain respect. Her skirts filled the front entryway forcing the two men to press against the wall. 

“Pleased to make an acquaintance, Miss Carlton? I do suppose.” Loch said. He took out his pipe which he had stuffed in his vest pocket and started to puff.

“But,” Miss Carlton looked up. “How do you know my name?”

“Please, m’am” Stonely said, indicating the stairs up to the study. “Let’s go this way.”

“Because” Loch said, “it’s my business to know those who have hearts and minds worth paying attention too.” 

Miss Carlton blinked and looked warily to Stonely.

“Cryptic as always m’am” he responded. “Let’s go up and make you some tea.”

I am following along with Bethany Bloggs‘s prompt list! You can find the full list here: Be sure to let me know if you are also following the prompts! I would love to read your inspired pieces. Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash


If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page.

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