Promptober Day 9: Tempt

“You know rather than understand the human condition from the perspective of a holy God, I think it makes more sense to use the devil as your starting point.” Levi said in response to Danella.

“There isn’t just one way to look at the Fall in the Bible. You could look at it as the humans are going back to the state they were originally created for. I mean if we believe in original sin, then was the temptation in the garder something inevitable, almost purposeful?” Levi paused.

Danella thought for a moment. “From my understanding of your point, you are saying that the humans God created were meant to fall and bring sin into the world. That the tempting of Adam and Eve was destined.”

“Well yes,” Levi continued. “I mean isn’t God supposed to know and orchestrate everything? That God knows all things?”

Danella started again, “I think my issue with that point is that God can know all things but he doesn’t orchestra everything. I think that God is all powerful and has the power to change the actions of people and things. But God doesn’t. He allows free will to be an important part of the equation of his creation. Therefore the tempting in the Garden of Eden although inevitable was not purposeful. God did not design those events to turn out like that. I believe that in those moments we see how our own free will becomes our downfall and God allows us to live with those consequences.”

“Interesting interpretation” Levi countered. “Because the moment we bring free will into the picture the blame for our choice falls on humans heads.”

“Exactly”, said Danella. “Our own choices lead us to what happened.”

“I think that might be a very Ameri-centric way of looking at the fall. Where the individual is solely responsible for the faults of their life. Do you not think that God was responsible for the fact that he did not stop humans from becoming tempted? Couldn’t he have done something? In a collectivist society we would see that Adam, Eve and God are all culpable in the fact that ‘sin’ entered the world.”

“Maybe,” Danella responded “One has to remember that God was not present when the devil approached Adam and Eve.”

“Yes, but doesn’t god know everything?” Levi asked. “He would have KNOWN that Adam and Eve were going to talk to the Devil, right?”

“I see your point,” Danella admitted. “ I agree that God would have known that the Devil approached Adam and Eve. Since, to your point, I do believe in the omniscience of God. But here again lies my issue. God’s character allows him to know all but not always change all. He understood the risk of Adam chatting with the Devil. But there is a choice left to his own creation. In that choice, comes the realization that God is all powerful but not all dictating. There is beauty there. I cannot deny the sad reality that Adam chooses to be tempted. But this choice does not mean that Adam or humanity is conforming to the original purpose of their design. Instead the choice of Adam is the crux of our separation from God. And in the Christian faith we believe that God again extends a choice to us. This act of choice is critical. To your point about God is culpable. I believe that one could argue the rest of the biblical story is God’s way of ‘helping’ or ‘taking responsibility’ for the choices of his own creation. God does not leave Adam and Eve in the dust but instead he is, one could argue, taking full responsibility for their actions by providing a way out from their demise.”

“Hmm, interesting. I see where you are coming from. That idea of choice becomes central to the Christian faith, which is, in your view, a defining factor of the faith.” Levi said.

“Let’s finish this discussion after my class. I have to run or I will be late.” Danella got up. “Thanks Levi, for considering my points even as we differ. I really enjoy our conversations.”

“Me too.” Levi smiled. “I’ll see you after class, next let’s talk about the sanctity of Jesus.”

“Haha,” Danella smiled too. “Sounds good, see you then Levi.”

I am following along with Bethany Bloggs‘s prompt list! You can find the full list here: Be sure to let me know if you are also following the prompts! I would love to read your inspired pieces. Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash


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4 thoughts on “Promptober Day 9: Tempt

  1. PatBunny says:

    Even though I am not a Christian, I really enjoyed reading this piece. It speaks to me far more than just a story, and I’d like to add that true friendship is where you can disagree on points but still accept the other person. Wonderfully written Liyona!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liyona says:

      Thanks for your comment Pat! I agree that friendship is such a great foundation for conversations like this. I was wondering if having two characters ‘debate’ would work in a fiction format and I am happy that it spoke to you! I wanted to make it so that Levi was still seen as a valid point of view and not just a ‘bad’ character but a legitamate point of view. I think it could be helpful to add more to his point of view. Thanks again for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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