Promptober Day 10: Transform

Mia turned to look at herself in the mirror. Her shabby shoes and turtleneck did not do much to improve her appearance. The dark jeans and shirt paired with her dark hair felt drab in a monotone way. She wished upon a star that for the tea party event she could have dressed up. Mia’s best friend Darla was hosting a party where all the girls in their class were supposed to dress up and pretend to be fancy for one evening. She had helped Darla pick out her dress. A beautiful lilac piece with lace on the cuffs and trim. A matching pair of tights and gloves to make the outfit complete. Mia had smiled when Darla showcased the outfit from the dressing room. She was so excited for her friend!

Even with that excitement, Mia felt a ping of sadness and embarrassment. There was no way she could ask her mother to splurge on a new party outfit. She had last year’s Easter dress; but her mom has picked it out for her. A tea length dress that did very little to flatter Mia’s curves and legs. So Mia had relegated herself to wearing normal clothes to the party. She knew her best friend would be disappointed but Darla would be understanding. She would be sure to be the one taking all the fancy pictures to make sure no one would remember her lack of an outfit.

Mia glanced again into the mirror. Tugging at her shirt, she made one last effort to straighten her outfit. Looking back at her reflection, she noticed a sparkling light above her left shoulder. Mia blinked again. The light seemed to hover slightly. She turned to see if the bright sparkle existed in real life. There was no light above her shoulder. Just air. Mia glanced back at the mirror. The bright sparkle still hung in the air. The reflection somehow was capturing something that did not exist. Mia reached out and leaned closer to the mirror. Her fingertips touched the place where the bright sparkle floated. Suddenly, Mia felt a warmth spread through her fingers down her palm. The light started to grow and change into bright blues and pinks. Her feet lifted from the ground and her legs tilted upward. The changing light started to swirl around her arms, chest and torso: all the while changing from pink to blue. Mia heard a soft voice say “You are beautiful!”. She no longer could see her reflection or the mirror, it was too bright. But Mia noticed how her clothing felt as though it was sliding off her skin. She looked down at her arms to find them covered in long sleeves with a soft floral pattern. Her body still lifted into the air and she started to swirl along with the light arms outstretched. Mia’s clothes changed completely in an array of light and movement. She was no longer wearing her drab clothes and instead was twirling in a beautiful tea dress with new shoes and accessories to match. Slowly, Mia lowered to the floor of her bedroom. She was shocked. Somehow the light had changed her clothes and outfit. She was wearing a beautiful dress, new victorian button boots and a delicate parasole hung on her wrist. Mia looked in the mirror. It was the perfect outfit! The one she had been dreaming of for weeks before the party! An outfit she could never have. Mia’s eyes started to well. What good magic had been sent to give her such a gift? Could she ever thank that person? 

Mia heard her mom call from downstairs. She had so many questions but it was time to go. Time to go to the party! She would be able to fit in and not feel embarrassed. Mia glanced once more into the mirror.

“You are beautiful” She said to her reflection.

I am following along with Bethany Bloggs‘s prompt list! You can find the full list here: Be sure to let me know if you are also following the prompts! I would love to read your inspired pieces. Photo by XINYI SONG on Unsplash


If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page.

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