Promptober Day 11: River

Here I come to the edge of the waters. The bubbling over the rocks. The soft moss under my hooves. My mother told me about this place. Where the river runs softly to the rhythm of the forest. I know that there is peace in this space. The old maple hangs onto the banks, roots curled around rocks and earth. She whispers to me. Singing of a song older than my own herd. Older than most memories. I dip my head to taste the water. Mother always told me running water was the sweetest. She is right. The cool refreshing taste filling my heart and my mouth. I wonder where my mother has gone. She said we would meet at the river. A place to find those you love. I lift my head and notice a woodpecker on a branch of the old maple. He tells me of a different world where bugs and feathers meet. I blink to tell him hello. Where is my mother? I ask the bird. He does not answer and instead flies away. Toward the sky. I hear a rustling to my left. My heart starts to beat fast, legs ready to run. A tiny chipmunk scurries through the brush and over stones. He glances at me and continues on his way. I relax again knowing the chipmunk wants to be alone. I am alone but where is my mother?

I am following along with Bethany Bloggs‘s prompt list! You can find the full list here: Be sure to let me know if you are also following the prompts! I would love to read your inspired pieces. Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash


If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page.

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