Prombtober Day 14: Fund

Thomas tapped his cigarette against the ashtray. The grey ash had started to pile up and the tray needed to be emptied. Sunlight hit Thomas’s eyes and he squinted at the room. His attention once again turned to the board meeting.

“And you think this will be an adequate solution?” Thomas heard his boss Andrew say. Andrew was standing with his hand in his pocket, slouching by the conference table. A clean shaven black man with a crisp white shirt framing his face.

“Andrew, we never said we wanted an end all solution. Just an alternative” one of the board members stated. 

Thomas puffed on his cigarette. This conversation had been going in circles and the stakeholders were not satisfied with the plan Andrew and he had offered. Luckily, Thomas didn’t do the talking. His friend was much better with the politics of business.

Andrew maintained his suave. “Our calculations are sound. Our goals are clear. If you are influenced by our advice, then you will see the funds triple in value. As we have shown in our projections.” He leaned back crossing his arms. “If not, then it is all your loss. Yours to lose.”

Andrew glanced at Thomas. His friend knew the bluff but the board members didn’t need to know. Thomas and Andrew had their own stakes in the game too. If the company moved forward, they would see a certain percentage of profits come their way. All under the table of course. Andrew’s cheeks slightly lifted. It was the only sign of his anxiety. Thomas puffed out the smoke.

“Gentlemen, lets say we move forward and end this discussion with a drink” he said mustering up his commanding voice. Thomas leaned back in his chair. The board was almost in the palm of their hand. The scheme was about to work. Why wouldn’t they just agree and call it?

I am following along with Bethany Bloggs‘s prompt list! You can find the full list here: Be sure to let me know if you are also following the prompts! I would love to read your inspired pieces. Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash


If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page.

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