Who, What, Where, When

Hello fellow writers!

It has been far too long! I decided to take a few weeks off during the holiday season. This time away allowed me to focus on my family, my friends and myself. It was good to take some time away. The year of 2020 will be forever imprinted in my memory because of all the changes and events that took place. I needed time to process and work through everything that happened. Not only that, I was feeling a bit of burnout and writers block toward my poetry and fiction writing.

One of my big goals of 2021 is to work on my children’s story. This is an idea that has been marinating in my head and hastily written on scraps of paper for the last 2 years. I am excited to sit down and really put my nose to the grinder and work on it. Through resting and taking time away, I’ve realized that I really need to draft a comprehensive outline and really flesh out the story and where it is going. I have written some “one shot” type pieces which have been a lot of fun. But to construct a full story, I need to spend time on working out specifics of the plot. If you are interested in checking out this story, you can find some short pieces I wrote here:

Piece 1

Piece 2

Piece 3

Piece 4

All in all, I am looking forward to sharing more, writing more and getting back into the swing of things. I will be starting to contribute again over at the Go Dog Go Cafe along with joining writing prompts as I find them. Thanks to everyone who kept up with my writing through 2020. It was a crazy hear but I felt as though I stretched myself more than I ever had, in terms of writing. This year, I hope to challenge myself, keep writing sweet little poems and continue reading the works of my dear friends.



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