Fairy, darling

Forms and figures

Fade slightly into frame

Fixed points and 

Fiery edges

Fill my senses 

Fairy, darling

Are you waiting for me?

For flight, and fear

Leave your heart

Where is your other half?

I follow the flow of 

Your features

your eyes


I wonder about

This room you 


Folded fibers

Reveal fortunes and


That once had

Been, featureless

Fairy, darling?

Answer my flustered song.

I wrote this in response to the EIF Poetry challenge hosted by Ingrid! I have submitted to this challenge before and was super exited to submit again in the new year! This challenge was focused on Ekphrastic poetry. (something I was unfamilar with) For me, this was a bit of a challenge! But in true fashion, anything that doesn’t require me to rhyme is fun for me to write. (one day rhymes will be fun, I just know it) While I was writing, I became completely fascinated with the “f” sound, hence all the alliteration. Hope it does not give you fatigue!


The art is by Nick Reeves, originally featured on https://nickreeves.blog/2020/11/16/uncommon-vision/.

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