Quiet and coffee

Scented snuggles

Are the perfect


For my story.


Once upon a time

In a land far


There lived a young girl

Tender hearted

And strong minded

She willed the seas 

To rise

And the rains to fall

But one day

She realized that

In all her travels

She never

Marveled at the 

Beauty of the 

Land north 

Of here.

She grabbed her

Bags and packed her

Wares to find

This land of cold

She willed the seas 

To fall

And the rains to rise

There she stood


At the majesty

Of the 

White winter land

A place of chilling


And smokey


“J’ai trouvé l’hiver”

She said with

Gusto and strength

She willed the seas

To rise

And the rains to fall

The Land North

Became her home

And there she lived

All her



Sleep and dream

Of the whimsical ways

That this story

Speaks about you

And your next


Today’s poem was inspired by Eugi’s lovely prompt! As always, I love how prompts inspire and help me to stretch and grow. I have been thinking a lot about storytelling lately: How stories are conveyed and told; How stories are passed down through generations. Because of this idea, I felt inspired to write a mini story or tale. I imagine a mother telling her daughter this story as her child falls asleep. So it is meant to be a bedtime story. With that, I am also still experimenting with languages and adding them as I see fit. My knowledge and understanding of French is much greater than that of Spanish, so I plan on using francais more frequently. Thanks for reading! I would love to know if you also wrote a piece inspired by the prompt! Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

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