Is it the fear 

Taking hold of my heart

Hands that felt 

So warm

Just a moment ago

And I think 

That the vestibule is empty

Water slowly finding its way

To the ocean

Am I like the wind?

Drawn to the rushing


Whistling sounds

Where two lovers meet

And then fade

Many moments

On this planet earth seem


Stolen or fabricated

To fit anothers

Idea of wealth

Will I be the rainbow?

Dyeing to color

And change the ways

That humans perceive 

Even the simplest

Delicate beam

Oh how I wish

That it was easier to live


And know that 

You are loved.

Feeling a bit forlorn and lost lately. Emotionally I am everywhere all at once. Maybe its because the year anniversairy of lockdown is approaching and it feels ominous… Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash

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