Heart Sealed

Maybe until

My eyes

Turn to ashes

Will I remember

That moment

I kept

My mouth

Words and

Heart sealed

To your pain

I saw

Knew and heard

How those people 

Treated  you

And I never

Looked your way

Or held your 


As you searched 

For a friend

Yes, I will die

With this regret

Of my silence

In your moment

Of need

This poem was inspired by the Tuesday Prompt Challenge at thg Go Dog Go Cafe. Check out this weeks prompt: HERE. I am working through some older prompts to help inspire my writing. For this prompt we were instructed to write about regret over a past choice. I really dug deep for this piece and realized that some of my biggest regrets come from keeping my mouth shut and not speaking up. It was good to use this poem as a way to process those memories and I hope to grow into someone who can advocate for those around me. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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