You stole my heart

And gave me a new name

The wide open spaces

To the desert beyond

Fissures and specks of sandy


Hit my face 

As I watch the thunderstorms

Roll in


Far away

Across the horizon 

I see the oldest 



You change my soul

Into a new creation

Forever I am spellbound

To your rocky plains

Harpy song

That makes me crave

To live again

In your sweltering



Far Away

Across the horizon

I watch as the Kachinas

Dance in the evening sun

I wrote this as a response to the Tuesday Prompt Challenge over at the Go Dog Go Cafe. We were inspired to Write a poem about a place that inspires you. Instantly, Arizona came to mind. I was able to live there for a month and a half during the summer of 2016. This time was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back and visit again. Honestly, I loved every moment that I was there. This desert place is so different from my hometown that I found myself marveling at the smallest things. I hope you enjoy the poem! Have you ever been to AZ? Do you think you would like to visit? Photo by Robert Murray on Unsplash.

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