At the races- a short story

“Quick around the bend!” Margy shouted. She held her breath. Somehow these races always got the best of her usually reserved character. Her friend Peggy screamed next to her, ”AROUND THE BEND YOU FOOL!!” Peggy’s hat and composure fell on the ground but she didn’t care. She grabbed Margy’s hand and started jumping.

“I can’t see! I can’t see Margy!” Peggy’s face was reddening under the sun and the excitement. Margy looked down and realized they were sitting on a bench. The perfect substitute for a stool.

“Let’s stand on this bench Peggy! Quick up and up before they finish!” She grabbed Peggy’s hand and lifted her onto the bench. A man behind them loudly complained about not being able to see the track any longer. Peggy didn’t even hear him. She was jumping and waving her hands.

“Margy! HE’S WINNING! MY BABY’S AHEAD!” Margy knew Peggy was referencing her favorite horse, not her biological child. Peggy was so wrapped up in the race, Margy just had to smile. Every year they went to the races together, bet on horses and had a wonderful time.


Margy laughed and said “He did it for you Peggy!”

This short story was inspired by the Secret Attic “Picture this” challenge! I had a lot of fun writing and responding to this one. I probably could have taken it a bit farther but as with most of my writing, I like to end it before it gets started… I would like to write more short fiction and hope to sit down this month and finally work on some vignettes for my children’s story!


Also to those that regularly read my writing, you may have wondered where I ventured to since I have not posted recently. With the Easter holiday and other springtime fun, I took a break from writing. This month, I hope to get stuck into writing again. For when I write, I feel so much better. Writing has been a comforting self-care activity for so long now, I want to make sure that I keep at it. Thanks for your support!

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