Breaking Point

A breaking point

I think that is what I am waiting for

Looking across the horizon

Hoping for a tsunami to wash

Away every aspect of my existence

Why do I wait for the stars to fall

From their lofty place?

Why to I dream of a dark expanse that

Leaves me wandering

And alone

This point

This breaking point

Does it need to arrive

For me to revie

The heart of my soul

Burning embers that

Have turned cold with time

And worry

I think I am waiting for the sun

Or a deep still moon

That will become a guide 

To lead me from

This unknown place 

I wander

7 thoughts on “Breaking Point

  1. Lucy says:

    Beautiful, it feels like a vagabond trying to find their place either physically or mentally (trying to find a place in the mind is an image I especially resonate with, and I think that’s how I look at this piece more or less). It’s very beautiful and mystical with the star/night imagery, and I also really adored these lines:

    “Hoping for a tsunami to wash

    Away every aspect of my existence”

    Hate to admit this, but I feel that way too often. Just want to waver in between erasure and non-existence because I don’t want to remember myself sometimes. Very beautiful and poignant.

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    • Liyona says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words! Yes, I agree that this poem comes from a place of searching :especially searching for place in my mind. Recently, I have been reluctant to write because I wonder if my words are meaningful. So it means a lot to know that these words resonated with you and hopefully help you feel less alone. I look forward to being more active here and catch up on your writing as well!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Liyona says:

      Yes!! This is the first poem that I have written in a while and in doing so, I feel more sure about why lats next. These questions are never easy but I am hoping to take more time in this season of my life to ask, listen and grow. Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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