The Call : Part 4 – A Short Story by Leona

“Hey Tim, give me a call when you get the chance. I’d love to catch up.” I said into the telephone. I put the phone back on the receiver and leaned back against the wall of the phone box. I had tried getting in contact with my brother but we seemed to be playing phone tag. Always leaving messages but never talking in person. I wanted someone familiar to talk to. After my conversation with K-Tig, I felt out of place and disjointed. Was the sun going to explode in my lifetime or centuries from now? I had no idea. 

The phone rang.

“Uhh, Hello?” I asked

“Hey, sis” A familiar voice said “ I finally caught you.” It was my brother Tim. “What’s going on? Why the sudden calls?”

To be fair Tim and I only chatted on holidays and birthdays. He could tell something wasn’t right. 

“Uhhh” I started. Trying to think of a way to explain how I talked to someone lightyears away. And said person told me our sun would explode sometime in the future. 

 “I think I need to get away from the observatory.”

“Some time off, you mean?” Tim sounded surprised.

“Yeah, something like that” I said. “Time to get away. Maybe even more permanent.”

“I mean, we all need time off. You’ve been so focused the last 5 years, it will do you some good!” Tim said reassuringly. It was what I needed to hear.

“Maybe I could visit you and your family. Get away from this jungle.” I paused. “I am just not sure I want to think about the stars anymore.”

“You’d love it out here. West coast is the best coast, as they say.” Tim responded. “And Mary?”


“Is everything at work going okay?” he asked.

“Yeah” I lied. “It’s just some time off that I need.”

“K’ay” Tim said “Cause you know that wherever you go, there will always be stars. You can’t get away from them.”

I repeated “Never get away.”

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